Pelican Point

The ingenious method of generation by Pelican Point Power Station makes it a leading electricity generator in the industry

Pelican Point power station (located 20km north-west of the Adelaide central business district) was commissioned in March 2001 and is one of Australia’s most efficient power stations. It is jointly owned by ENGIE and Mitsui & Co Ltd with 72 per cent and 28 per cent ownership respectively.

This mid merit power station uses a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) technology to produce up to 497 MW of electricity which is about 17% of South Australia’s thermal generation needs.

Pelican Point Power Station has two gas turbines and a steam turbine. The waste heat from the Gas turbines is recovered to produce steam which drives the Steam Turbine Generator, thereby raising the efficiency of the plant. The power station has an energy efficiency exceeding 50%. Because of its high efficiency, this plant has a very low carbon footprint which is 60% less than other power stations running with conventional technology.

Pelican Point Power station is a critical infrastructure asset in ensuring energy security and system stability in South Australia.

Fast Facts

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Technology

Above 50% energy efficiency rating

Low carbon footprint

497 MW of electricity generation

Provision of power to 17% of SA thermal generation needs

One of Australia’s top environmentally friendly power stations

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