Wireless Networking Infrastructure

Site surveys, equipment staging, deployment and installation of wireless networks

ENGIE offers a wide range of installation services to support both in-building and external building wireless network applications from complete campus networks through to individual remote site locations across Australia.

We offer a single point of contact for the installation from initial site survey, equipment staging, deployment and installation through to final site confirmation survey.

One of the key features of any wireless installation is the initial site survey. Our professional site surveys not only provide planning capabilities, but we combine the planning, survey, analysis and reporting capabilities into one easy to use report. The user can combine predicted and measured data in several unique, different ways.

The main features of a ENGIE Wireless Site Survey:

  • Accurate and easy to use offsite network prediction
  • Quick and accurate site surveys
  • GPS support for outdoor surveys
  • Unbeatable analysis for coverage, SNR, data rate, overlap
  • Unbeatable tools for network performance optimisation
  • Informative what-if simulations
  • Locate access points
  • Accurate prediction of added coverage and/or capacity
  • Comprehensive, automated documentation
  • Unique combination of predicted and surveyed data
  • Intuitive, quick and easy user interface
  • Locate access points

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