Communication & Collaboration Systems

Stay connected with touch technologies, remote management and video conferencing

The workplace has evolved. We are no longer tied to our offices and we are less frequently in the same building as the people we need to work alongside to achieve results. Video conferencing is now a foundation of the modern-day office.

The ability to support your staff with flexible communication and collaboration tools should be at the centre of your business strategy.

We help you answer these critical questions:

  • How do we stay connected?
  • How do we ensure we maximise input?
  • How do we share ideas openly and fluently?
  • How do we support the flexibility of various software, hardware and bandwidth?

We take a holistic approach to the design of collaborative systems and spaces by creating an environment where sight, sound and touch are all driven to make engaging with co-workers as natural as if they were sitting right next to you, even if they’re a world away.

Touch Technologies

Collaborate with your team in the most authentic way possible, using human based gestures that convey emotion and idea like nothing else.

Video Conferencing

Bring your team together, even if they are worlds apart, with a VC solution designed specifically to meet your business needs.

Remote Management

Know that your system is 100% operational, 100% of the time with a custom designed support and maintenance schedule.

Download our Digital Collaboration capability flyer below.