Providing state of the art technical services to the healthcare sector

ENGIE is proud to partner with public and private healthcare organisations to offer one convenient source for technical solutions that builds smarter, safer and more efficient health and aged care environments.

We understand the challenges faced by the health and aged care sector and because we operate throughout the energy sector, from generation through to building intelligence solutions, we can develop comprehensive and integrated solutions for all health and aged care organisations.

Our range of technical services is broad, addressing needs from energy supply, reliability and certainty, and data management systems, through to physical environmental control systems such as heating and ventilation.

ENGIE provides a single and convenient source for these solutions, ensuring best design, efficient installation and optimised management. We work every day with health and aged care organisations around the globe from the US to Europe and Asia. When we deliver these innovative systems in Australia and New Zealand, they are backed by the same world-class customer service and maintenance support.

ENGIE is also committed to environmental responsibility. We have transitioned to low-carbon energy throughout the world and we will work with you to improve efficiency and use the latest technology to care for the planet while improving the patient experience.