ENGIE partners with business to create energy and technology solutions that drive business performance

ENGIE is a global business that has been driving innovation for more than 180 years. Today, we employ over 160,000 people worldwide and continue to grow by creating forward focused energy and multi-technical building solutions that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of Australian and New Zealand industry.

ENGIE operates throughout the energy sector, from generation through to building intelligence technology. This experience enables us to develop more far-reaching and integrated solutions for business, and having a single point of contact for a vast array of services offers efficiencies on many levels.

Globally, we have demonstrated our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We have transitioned to low carbon energy throughout the world and are leading the way in the development of new energy and impressive associated innovations that drive efficiency and performance. Today, ENGIE is pioneering the development of the full potential of green hydrogen.

We bring this innovative and pioneering spirit into our relationships with business. Our focus on technology and efficiency will drive performance improvements, whilst our commitment to the planet will in turn reduce your carbon footprint.

And we back our expertise with world class customer focused service and support throughout Australia and New Zealand.