Better Cities

Developing Better Cities for a brighter future

ENGIE is a global business that has been driving innovation for more than 180 years.

Today, we’re focused on responsible growth and we’re leading the energy transition by moving away from our reliance on coal powered energy production and increasing investment in renewables. We care for our planet and we understand we’re in a position to drive big change. We’ve transitioned to low-carbon energy throughout the world and have established our credentials in the area of new energy.

We’re excited to be co-creating solutions with decision-makers and developers to design better cities – smart communities of the future, focusing on efficient and sustainable energy production, energy storage and integration with the community. We’re flexible in our approach to ensure the best outcomes for citizens.

In Queensland, we made our commitment to build a better world even more clear when we partnered with the Springfield City Group to create a city that, by 2038, will be producing more energy than it consumes. Emerging technologies are shaping our world and ENGIE is at the forefront of this revolution, constantly developing improved ways to transform how we live and work.

At ENGIE we believe as part of the community we must strive to develop outcomes that are positive for all. The development of new energy solutions and smart cities will always be underpinned by our commitment to work in partnership to build better communities and ensure we leave a positive and enduring legacy.