Community Solutions

Decentralised, digitised and decarbonised solutions for better communities

ENGIE is a global business that has been driving innovation for more than 180 years. Today, we continue to grow by providing smart technologies and offering renewable energy alternatives for industry and communities.

In Australia, we’ve closed our two coal-fired generating facilities because investing in renewable energy production is the right thing to do for the future of the planet.

We’re moving towards decentralised, digitised and decarbonised solutions for communities. By working with decision makers, we improve infrastructure to make communities better, safer and more efficient environments for residents.

We’re also partnering with developers of new communities to make better cities and smart cities of the future. Through investment in renewable energy generation and storage, infrastructure, district energy schemes, green mobility solutions, digital technology, and energy efficiency initiatives, these new communities will produce more energy than they consume.

ENGIE is proud to be a part of communities all over Australia and New Zealand. In these communities we provide employment and skills development, economic stimulus, low carbon energy options and multi-technical solutions for business.